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Fast parameter switch-over

Valid for S600 with Firmware 588dpr174u only

With varying loads coupled to the motor the parameters GV and GP can be switched over very fast by using edge control of digital input 2 and the ASCII command VAR..

The command VAR is used only in the command sequence for digital input 2 for the rising and falling edge.


During execution of VAR the parameters are set dependant on the input polarity.

  • IN2 = 1 => high load pameter set for GV and GP
  • IN2 = 0 => low load pameter set for GV and GP

During execution of the command the slip fault detection is deactivated, the parameters are recalculated, the slipt fault detection is re-activated and digital output 1 is set to the polarity of input 2.

The high load and low load parameters are stored in four debug parameters (UIDx).

Low load set:

  • GV 3 => UID2 3000
  • GP 0.2 => UID5 200

High load set:

  • GV 5 => UID3 5000
  • GP 0.25 => UID8 250