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Expansion Card PROFIBUS

Usable with S600


This expansion card can be used with S600.
The PROFIBUS Bus expansion card has two 9-pin SubD sockets wired in parallel.
Function blocs for S7 PLC from Siemens and manufacturer independent PLCs are available from File Selector, set filter document type to "Fieldbus Support".
The matching manual can be found via the File Selector.

The command OPTION delivers a code for the built-in expansion card.

Expansion card

Front cover


Station address and Baud Rate

  • keypad on the front panel of the servo amplifier
  • setup software: screen page “CAN / Fieldbus"
  • serial interface with a sequence of ASCII commands:
    ADDR => SAVE => COLDSTART (with nn = address)


Data sheets for the expansion card can be found via File Selector, set document type filter to "Add On Document".