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Expansion Card EtherCAT

Usable with S300, S600


The expansion card can be used with S300 (with HWR<3.99) and S600. The card could be used with S700, too, bus this wouldn't make sense, because S700 devices have EtherCAT onboard.
S300 devices with HWR>=4.00 are available as EtherCAT devices with built-in EtherCAT option. These products don't require an additional expansion card, but the expansion slot is blocked nevertheless.
Connection to the EtherCAT network via RJ-45 connectors (IN and OUT interfaces).
CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) is used. Device description for TwinCat can be downloaded from File Selector, set filter document type to "Fieldbus Support".
The matching manual can be found via the File Selector.
The command OPTION delivers a code for the built-in expansion card.

Expansion card

Front cover





  • flickering = Booting Error
  • blinking = Invalid Configuration
  • single flash = Unsolicited State Change
  • double flash = Watchdog Timeout
  • off = No Error
  • on = Device is in state OPERATIONAL
  • blinking =  Device is in state PRE-OPERATIONAL
  • single flash =  Device is in state SAFE-OPERATIONAL
  • off =  Device is in state INIT
  • on = linked, but not active at X20A (in)
  • flickering = linked and active at X20A (in)
  • off = not linked at X20A (in)
  • on = linked, but not active at X20B (out)
  • flickering = linked and active at X20B (out)
  • off = not linked at X20B (out)


Data sheets for the expansion card can be found via File Selector, set document type filter to "Add On Document".