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Electronic Gearing with overlay motion tasks

Valid for S400, S600 with FW 6.21...6.99

With operation mode 4 (OPMODE 4, electronic gearing) the axis follows synchronously to a master position. The gearing ratio can be adjusted with GEARI and GEARO.

Electronic gearing can be superposed with motion tasks by using the ASCII command CAMMCTRL = 256  (see diagram).

The motion task must be defined first with user units or internal counts. Generally all motion tasl types are allowed. Practically, however,  the motion task type REL-IST should be selected.

Setting the ASCII parameter CAMMCTRL to 256 enables the user to start motion task OPMODE 4, e.g. using a digital input or a fieldbus.

With linear and modulo axes, analog to OPMODE 8 (Motion Task Positioning), the reference point must be known, before the motion task can be started.

Starting a reference traverse (homing) is possible with CAMMCTRL = 256 in OPMODE 4, therefore switching over the OPMODE isn't necessary.