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Analog Torque Loop

Valid for S400, S600

From firmware 4.91, it is possible to have an additional fast torque/current loop in the servo amplifier with ANCNFG = 10. The amplifier will read the analog input 1 and use it as a torque/current feedback to adjust the digital current set point given e.g. by the fieldbus. The following picture shows the additional loop structure.



The following ASCII settings of the amplifier are necessary:

  • ANCNFG 10
  • OPMODE 2
  • ISCALE -> in A/Volt according to the analog torque feedback
  • AN10TX :Time constant of this new loop (default = 5000; Min = 1000; Max = 30000)

All other parameters like ICMD, ANT10, ANT13 could be monitored with their names as user defined parameters in the oscilloscope screen of the setup software.

The following plots show some examples with different settings for AN10TX.

AN10TX = 5000

AN10TX = 30000

AN10TX = 1000