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Analog Motion Task Selection

Valid for S300, S600, S700

Application (example)

For an auger the packaging quantity is to be adjusted by a motion task and the control is to be realized simply and user-friendly . The quantity can vary in a defined +/- range.


With a digital input the motion task is started, the motion task selection is done with a framing potentiometer due to the necessary voltage levels.

With the setup software 19 motion tasks (type RELSOLL) are defined for this example , whereby number 10 is the standard motion task and the driving distance continuously decreases from #10 to #1 and increases from #10 to #19.

Following settings must be done on the terminal screen in the setup software. Special data for this example are underlined, bold and italic!

ASCII command Description
DIS disable amplifier by software
AN11RANGE 18 parameter AN11RANGE describes the change of the auxiliary variable IN1TRIG, ... IN4TRIG, if voltage at analog input 2 is changed between 0 and 10V.
AN11NR 1 parameter AN11NR sets the number (x) of the digital input, whose auxiliary variable (IN1TRIG,... IN4TRIG) is to be influenced by analog input 2.

Internal correction of variable IN1TRIG, IN2TRIG, IN3TRIG or IN4TRIG via the analog input 2 (Set point 2). The auxiliary variable number (x) is set with parameter AN11NR. The parameter range is set with variable AN11RANGE.
Change of set point 2 is detected with the next rising edge of input INPUTx.

IN1MODE 16 A rising edge at this input starts the motion task, that has been set in auxiliary variable IN1TRIG. If IN1TRIG=0 a reference task (homing) is started. A falling edge at the input stops the motion (STOP command)
IN1TRIG 1 Motion task number
SAVE Save parameters
COLDSTART Activate next configuration