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Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
2 weeks 3 days ago

AKT2G-SM-L50-000 and AKT2G-SM-L15-000 EtherCAT stepper drives allow you to control Stepper motors up to 5 Amp (6.5 with fan cartridge AKT2G-AC-FAN-001) with a PDMM or PCMM controller. The same function blocks used with servo motors are used in the KAS IDE development software, making it seamless to switch an axis from a servo to a stepper drive. Both slices have optional encoder inputs. Stepper motors are run open loop regardless, but can verify position commanded with an encoder.

dusty.schafer's picture
3 weeks 1 day ago

The HMI displays the Windows Embedded version in the lower-left corner of the screen at boot time.

For reference, the AKI and AKI2G models are as follows:

dusty.schafer's picture
1 month 6 days ago

New Features

  • Kollmorgen E-Bus Stepper Integration:
    • AKT2G-SM-L50-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 50 V DC, 5 A (Imax), 2 phases
    • AKT2G-SM-L15-000 - Stepper motor terminal with incremental encoder, 24 V DC, 1.5 A (Imax), 2 phases
    • Map to PLCOpen or Pipe Network axes (same a servo drives)
    • IDE Configuration and Diagnostic views
Isabel S's picture
Isabel S
1 month 1 week ago

Kollmorgen Corporation (“Kollmorgen”) declares that the AKD2G drives have memory devices as shown in the table below.  The non-volatile memory that may contain user settings and data may be cleared as indicated.