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2 AKD via CANopen via X9-X9 what mode?

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I have 2 drives (AKD-P00306-NBCC-E000), which i want to use as "leader" and "follower". These drives are connected via X9-X9 outputs (EEO). I want to control them via CANopen. 

Idea: The first AKD-drive receives the primary signal from the encoder and sends it to the second AKD-drive with an offset of 90°. 

The question: now I would like to set up the 90° shift angle for the signal for the second drive ("follower") and also i would like to know in what mode should i use these drives?

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It is possible to do electronic gearing with the AKD-P drive but electronic gearing is a non-standard drive op mode with CANopen.
With electronic gearing there is provision for a digital input mode 17 to shift the electronic gearing but no provisions to do the shift over CANopen.
It is not possible to do a move on top of gearing in the Motion Tasking drive ( AKD-P ); it is simply a gear ratio using GEAR.IN and GEAR.OUT which can be
written to over CANopen.
What mode the leader is in is up to you but I would expect you'd either be controlling it using Interpolated Position mode or Profile Position mode if this is a positioning application.
Another thought is the possibility of operating both drives in interpolated position mode and sending different trajectory points as needed. This depends on your controller's capabilities.
Finally, our KAS/PCMM/PDMM system has full motion control functionality such as gearing and ability to perform moves over gearing, camming, cam shifting, etc.
The PCMM/PDMM use EtherCAT to slave axes and also can communicate externally with other devices such as HMIs over Profinet, Ethernet IP, or Modbus TCP.
Your contact information indicates you are based in Germany which is the base for Kollmorgen Europe. You may want to reach out to them locally to review your application needs.
Pempelfurtstraße 1
 40880 Ratingen
[email protected]
 +49 (0) 2102 9394 0mbH


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