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0V @ X1 & X2 and LED display won't come on

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I'm getting 0VDC at X1 and X2 and the LED display is not coming on.

X3 mains: I wired 120VAC to L1, neutral to L2, L3 is open, and ground to PE.

Verified voltages at X1, X2, X3 with multimeter.

Is the drive dead? Am I missing something?


1 Answer

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Is this a new application?

Per the AKD Installation Manual, 24VDC must be applied to X1 for control power.  This is required.  +24VDC is also required for the STO circuit at X1-3.

You will NOT measure anything at U-V, V-W or U-W on X2 until the drive is programmed and enabled for the application. (X2 is the power stage output to the servo motor.)



Ok, I mistakenly thought the 24VDC on X1 was an output. First time wiring one of these guys up. Thanks for your help!

EChristison - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 08:02

Per the AKD Installation Manual, size your 24VDC power supply as stated. Taking into account all drives and if motor(s) have a 24VDC brake.

Michael Brown_455 - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 08:05
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