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Why Motion Matters

It’s not simply that motion is at the heart of the machines and equipment that define modern life. It’s that all of these critical elements of our daily life must operate under intense new demands and challenges. Sustainability. Energy efficiency. Worker safety. Functional Safety. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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Motion matters because motion can help with all of these challenges. Kollmorgen not only understands this, it is at the core of our Vision, Mission and Values.

For machine builders, motion can allow you to design machines that are more efficient and productive. Motion can enhance quality and accuracy and improve operator safety. Motion can increase OEE, drive sustainability, and reduce scrap.

Our motors, drives and controls can be found on Mars and in space; Ships and submarines; O&G drilling and metrology; Surgical robots and laser eye surgery; even inside of artificial hearts. These are just a few applications that demand high performance and high quality while satisfying their specific needs.

Motion can increase accuracy of test- measurement and diagnostic equipment, helping with fewer false-positives, and increasing outcome efficacy. Motion matters because it is at the heart of human life. This is why motion matters to Kollmorgen.

About Kollmorgen:

Innovators consistently rate Kollmorgen as one of their best motion systems manufacturing partners. Whether you are looking for classic servo motors; direct drive servo motors; stepper motors; drives & amplifiers; gearheads; actuators; or CNC & multi-axis motion controllers; Kollmorgen is one of the few companies in the world whom actually design and manufacture all of these products.

Our customers are leaders and innovators in many industries, such as Aerospace & Defense; Printing; Packaging & Converting; Food & Beverage Processing; Medical Imaging, In Vitro Diagnostics & Laboratory Automation; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing; Material Forming and Cutting; Oil & Gas; and Robotics.

Kollmorgen is also a leader in AGV Solutions, including hardware, software and navigation technologies.

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