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press_release | Doosan Industrial Vehicle Partners With Kollmorgen for Automation |
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Doosan AGV

Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), a global South Korean forklift manufacturer, partners with Kollmorgen to secure their leading position in the material handling industry. The objective is to innovate and build efficient, sustainable, and reliable custom made AGVs that exceeds their customers’ future requirements.

Present in over 90 countries, DIV is known for their award-winning vehicles that focus on powerful performance, comfort, and ease-of-use. Their product line of over 179 vehicles ranges from cushion, electric and pneumatic forklifts, to reach trucks, stackers, and various other warehouse vehicles.

“Our vehicles are a preferred choice among many of the world’s blue-chip companies. That requires us to always be at the forefront of technology and deliver reliable products to the highest of standards. We selected Kollmorgen for that exact reason – being a partner that invests heavily in R&D with a proven track record of solid automation solutions”, says Chankyo Chung, Vice President, Doosan Industrial Vehicle.

“Doosan Industrial Vehicle has a solid reputation in the market for dependable performance and intelligent design. Their philosophy is to build efficient products with a high longevity, which aligns closely to our own way of business. Coincidentally, we both share a history of over 50 years of experience in the material handling industry – a combined knowhow of over 100 years that offers tremendous value to our joint customers”, says Tobias Byfeldt, Vice President, Kollmorgen Automation.

About Doosan Industrial Vehicle

Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) is a global South Korean manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse vehicles. Since rolling out the first South Korean built forklift in 1968, DIV has grown to become one of the material handling industry’s leaders. Today DIV is present in over 90 countries with over 30,000 units sold. Learn more at:

About Kollmorgen Automation

Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions is an industry leading platform utilized by vehicle builders to create driverless logistics automation solutions. The platform consists of both software to route vehicles efficiently, and hardware for navigation and control. With Kollmorgen NDC8 you may automate virtually any type of vehicle or mobile robot and integrate it into any type of material handling application, in any industry, worldwide. Learn more at:

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