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10 Oct 2019

Meet Kollmorgen and learn about NDC Solutions at China AGV Summit & CeMAT Asia 2019

The market for AGVs and industrial mobile robots is booming, and we see new technological innovations and new applications. The diversity of requirements from applications in multiple verticals requires a deeper understanding of the market and a modular platform to support the different market needs.

On October 22nd (the day before CeMAT Asia), Johan Lundblad, Director of AGV Global Sales, will speak at the China International Mobile Robotics (AGV) Industry Development Summit Forum (Xingrong Wyndham Hotel, Shanghai). He will talsk about ‘THE FAST TRACK TO FLEXIBLE AUTOMATION - Enabling Innovators to Succeed in a rapidly changing world', You are welcome to register for the event!

From October 22nd to 26th (Wednesday to Saturday), our engineers from the Swedish headquarter, the Chinese experienced technical support and the global sales team will show you the latest NDC navigation software and hardware products at 2019 CeMAT Asia (Pudong New International Exhibition, Hall W4, Booth B1-3), so stay tuned!

If you don’t have the possibility to participate in the events, please find more information here: Read more about our AGV TECHNOLOGY and our solution for SMART WAREHOUSES

The latest AGV Brochures you can download HERE

Whether you company has plan to start using AGVs or manufacturing AGVs, we will give you advice based on our 45+ years of experience in the business. Feel free to ASK A QUESTION or send an email to: [email protected]