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11 May 2017

Kollmorgen cooperates with Comau for AGV systems

The Turin-based giant chooses the motion control specialist as its AGV solution provider

Kollmorgen cooperates with Comau for AGV systems

Bovisio Masciago, 10th May 2017 – A Turin-Milan-Göteburg partnership has been established between Comau and Kollmorgen for the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) sector.
The result of this “fresh” collaboration is “AGILE1500” (Autonomous Guided Intelligent Lean Equipment), Comau’s first ever AGV: flexible, scalable, fully on-line and customizable, able to adapt to any navigation system. A solution in keeping with the status of Industry 4.0.

“Enabling Innovators to Make the World a Better Place” is the vision pursued by Kollmorgen, which harmonizes extremely well with Comau’s vision. For both companies, innovation is what drives the industry towards excellence. It’s easy to understand how two businesses looking the same way can end up finding each other and coming together.
“Made in Comau” engineering and mechanics have come together to create AGILE1500, the automatic drive vehicle equipped with Kollmorgen NDC systems, which marks the launch by the Turin-based company, a member of the FCA Group and leaders in industrial automation and robotics, into the world of AGVs. Comau production lines will become even safer, more automated, flexible and efficient, and naturally it will be the automotive sector clients, as well as others, who will be the beneficiaries.

Kollmorgen is a world leader in the supply of AGV management systems, boasting in-depth know-how, a complete range of hardware, software and navigation technologies, and a long history of successes with an installed fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles. It dates back to 1972, in fact, when the world’s first ever automotive production site to feature automated vehicles was installed in Sweden. These are the reasons behind Comau’s choice to work with the American company who has its Italian branch in Bovisio Masciago (MB) and R&D center with production site in Mölndal (Sweden). “We have chosen Kollmorgen because it has proven to be the best fitting provider able to supply all navigation systems, including where combined, as well as the competence and know-how offered”, Tobias Daniel, Head of Robotics Sales and Maketing of Comau explains.

The NDC system manages the most well-established navigation technologies: natural, laser, spot, magnetic tape, inductive wire, and multi-navigation. The Kollmorgen range of scalable, flexible solutions that are easily customized according to the various needs and user-friendly design, enables the client to focus on the end user application. Kollmorgen also offers a wide range of services: training courses on various levels, including customized, as well as support and consultancy for design and sale.

The use of automatic drive vehicles, which is already widespread in certain sectors of industry, is now also starting to gain footing in the automotive sector: AGVs in fact successfully increase production efficiency and warehouse management, without the need for costly investments. There are various advantages, including a long life of vehicles, controlled and reconfigurable movements, reduced energy consumption, greater productivity, a lesser risk of injury, which is often associated with the movement of heavy materials, and complete data integration for an automatic factory 4.0.
AGILE1500 will act as a sort of “shuttle” to move semi-finished products around production sites, without needing to use classic conveyor belts, thereby benefiting from the freedom and flexibility to modify the routes as necessary: greater efficiency and safety of the workplace as well as reduced consumptions.

“We see an exciting future with Comau, where we are able to design solutions together to meet the challenges of tomorrow relating precisely to the production lines of the automotive sector and other material-handling applications. It’s a wonderful opportunity to combine experience of over 40 years in the respective sectors. Cutting-edge mobile robot and AGV solutions are now essential if we are to ensure efficient, flexible material movement and production, as is necessary for Industry 4.0”, stresses Alberto Favalessa, Managing Director of Kollmorgen Italy and Switzerland, and Tobias Byfeldt, Director of Global Sales of Kollmorgen NDC Solutions.

“This collaboration agreement, stipulated by two global companies but which is closely linked to R&D and technical/application support units in Turin and Milan, just goes to show how Italy can be a center of technological excellence, able to generate futuristic solutions that can be exported across the globe”, Alberto Favalessa concludes.

Photograph 1:
Kollmorgen Controller CVC6000

Photograph 2:
Kollmorgen Laser Scanner LS2000

Photograph 3:
Kollmorgen Controller CVC600 & Laser Scanner LS2000

Photograph 1-2-3 caption:
The LS2000 navigation sensor and the CVC600 controller guide the vehicle with quick, precise movements: they are its eyes and its brain.

Photograph 4:

Kollmorgen Natural Navigation.
Caption: Natural navigation is the response to the market’s demand for high levels of flexibility: speed of installation, reduced costs and the possibility of expanding existing systems based on other navigation technologies, quickly and easily.

Photograph 5:
Comau AGILE 1500.
Caption: AGILE1500 – Autonomous Guided Intelligent Lean Equipment – is Comau’s first ever AGV equipped with Kollmorgen NDC systems.

Kollmorgen Press Kit

Since the company was first founded in 1916, Kollmorgen’s innovative solutions have given rise to great ideas as well as improving global safety and people’s lives. The knowledge acquired in components and movement systems, the excellent quality and consolidated experience in the combination and integration of standard and customized products enable Kollmorgen to supply unparalleled innovative solutions in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use. This guarantees an indisputable competitive advantage for constructors of machines across the globe and maximum reliability for customers.

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