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04 Apr 2016

Precise Motion Control in Meat Processing Applications

KOLLMORGEN showcases distributed servo solutions at the IFFA in Frankfurt

Ratingen, April 4, 2016 – If all the drive technology for a food processing application uses just a single cable, then servo control can be integrated and connected up without requiring too much space or time-consuming installation work. KOLLMORGEN will be showing what this kind of distributed setup might look like in practice and why even machines with completely different tasks from a range of manufacturers can be connected together during the IFFA international meat processing fair to be held between May 7 and 12, 2016, in Frankfurt (Hall 11, Stand D21).

From production to packaging technology, KOLLMORGEN will be keeping various machines under tight control during the IFFA and combining them into an efficient production network. In doing so, the specialists in servo drive technology and motion control will illustrate the kinds of efficiency improvements you can achieve with decentralized solutions – in terms of installation alone. Thanks to its compactness and IP65 degree of protection, the decentralized servo technology offered by the AKD-N range of controllers is now mature enough to be used basically anywhere. And as a development of this, KOLLMORGEN will also be showing off a special version in Frankfurt featuring a washdown coating for use in food industry applications involving no direct contact with the product.

The new technology offers new possibilities, with the additional prospect in future of establishing communicative networks for connecting dencentralized drive solutions with the control level (pretty much regardless of the manufacturers involved). KOLLMORGEN has developed a revolutionary multi-language interface for this purpose. This makes it possible to connect motion control applications – via software alone – with all the established real-time Ethernet systems now deemed indispensable to the highly dynamic food industry.

Kollmorgen Press Kit

Caption 1
AKMH stainless steel servo motor with a distributed AKD-N washdown servo drive

Caption 2
Distributed AKD-N servo controller

Caption 3
Visualization of a packaging machine line involving a decentralized motion control solution

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