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press_release | Free choice: AKM now with DRIVE-CLiQ |
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KOLLMORGEN combines its servo motors with SiemensWorld

Ratingen 22 January 2016 - KOLLMORGEN AKM servo motors are now available as DRIVE-CLiQ versions. The price and performance advantages of AKM synchronous servo motors can be harnessed directly for CNC applications with Sinumerik control in metal processing – without having to compromise in terms of the connection technology.

With DRIVE-CLiQ Siemens had already developed a special Ethernet-based interface for the Sinumerik system several years ago. Outside of this proprietary world, those who wanted to use, for example, motors from other manufacturers, were reliant on special DRIVE-CLiQ sensor modules. This is no longer the case at KOLLMORGEN. Instead of first sending feedback signals through another module in the switch cabinet, KOLLMORGEN takes the direct route - thereby saving on installation time and space.

The engineering sector values AKM power packs, mainly for the high power density they produce and the ability to make fine adjustments for an optimal fit. KOLLMORGEN is one of the first drive technology manufacturers to offer a DRIVE-CLiQ interface integrated in the servo motors. The specialists in servo drive technology and motion control have deployed this version of the motor with HEIDENHAIN encoders in AKM motor sizes four to eight - in single and multi-turn versions. In terms of connectivity, it's possible to continue using existing system cables from the DRIVE-CLiQ system - in the M12 version. Moreover, customer-specific connector solutions are also possible.

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KOLLMORGEN AKM servo motors can be easily used as DRIVE-CLiQ versions with Sinamics controllers.

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