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27 Oct 2015

Safe encoder

Ratingen, October 27, 2015 – At the start of safety chains, rotary encoders generate precisely those signals that are subsequently assessed by safety controllers with a view, for example, to ensure a safe speed. This is what makes them an important element in safety-related automation applications. It is vital therefore to make sure the mechanical connection between motor and encoder is really secure too – and this has inspired KOLLMORGEN to come up with a new development. There are now two new certified safety feedback systems for AKM servo motors in the form of sine/cosine encoders (Hiperface) for single-turn and multi-turn applications.  

A particular design feature associated with KOLLMORGEN's safety solution is the mechanical coupling between motor and encoder. This cannot slip because of its dimensions, even based on a 20-fold overload at least. Given that documentation is becoming ever more important in terms of safety certification, KOLLMORGEN provides the relevant TÜV certificates at the same time – based on a safety level of SIL2 or PLD. "This means there is no longer any need for in-house evaluation, which ultimately saves time and money," stresses Karl Pickan, the Product Manager for Safety Technology at the specialist provider of servo drive technology and automation solutions based in Ratingen.

Given that the encoder is associated with reliable monitoring of movement and speed, it is not possible when modifying mechanical solutions to simply adjust the feedback, since the design will have been pretty much ‘set in stone‘ at the time of certification. If it proves possible, however, to connect the encoder to various motors with a degree of flexibility, the safety design will remain unchanged while still allowing scope for adjustments (without any need for repeat evaluation). Long-term conformity with safety standards and long-term availability are ensured.

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Safety first: KOLLMORGEN now offers a new safety feedback system for drive-related tasks where safety is an issue.

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