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29 Oct 2014

Twice the capacity

Kollmorgen servo controllers now feature up to 48 A output current

Ratingen, 29.10.2014 - More capacity, more opportunities: motion control specialist Kollmorgen has extended the maximum output current of the AKD series of servo amplifiers to open up new areas of application. The new devices have a continuous output current rating of 48 A, compared to a 24 A maximum in the past.

Even applications that require extra-strong drives can now use a Kollmorgen servo motor solution as an efficient alternative to complex centralised hydraulic systems. For instance, metal forming machinery can now be driven directly with the new servo controllers.

Another application area is distributed servo hydraulic systems. There the AKD servo controllers can drive distributed hydraulic pumps so directly and precisely that there is no longer any need for valve units. Servo hydraulic units also need less pipework, which significantly reduces the cost and volume of the hydraulic systems. The AKD servo controllers with a 48 A current rating have the same functionality as the other devices in the series, augmented by a two-channel STO for functional safety.

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