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08 Aug 2014

Enhanced motion control, safety and performance

Kollmorgen Automation Suite version 2.8 delivers new functions

Ratingen, August 8, 2014. With an embedded EtherCAT configuration tool, version 2.8 of the Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) software accelerates the development of modular machine architectures. The new release of the integrated development environment now enables users to build complete EtherCAT systems and configure all peripheral components, including HMI, I/O, controllers and motors, with a single tool. Along with ergonomic improvements, the resulting simplification makes life easier for system developers and boosts engineering efficiency.

One of the key innovations in Kollmorgen Automation Suite 2.8 is the embedded EtherCAT configuration tool, which makes it easy to integrate EtherCAT components (including those from other manufacturers) into the application. With this open architecture, Kollmorgen reduces development time for modular, multi-purpose machine architectures. Another clear advantage of this approach is that direct communication with Kollmorgen AKD PDMM servo controllers from PC-based applications is now possible using UDP and HTTP protocols.

Convenience is also enhanced by the incorporation of safety technology in the engineering process. For this purpose, the release integrates Kollmorgen's new KSM series of safety modules. These compact devices combine Safe PLC with Safe I/O in a single package and provide TÜV-certified functions up to performance level e of ISO 13849 or SIL 3 of IEC 61508.

Version 2.8 of the Kollmorgen Automation Suite also features performance enhancements for servo amplifiers. The user-programmable controllers in the AKD PDMM family form the core of KAS thanks to the "IPC inside" philosophy. Future devices feature twice as much capacity at rated currents up to 24 A and faster processors. Along with general performance enhancements, application options are expanded by the inclusion of new motion control functions.

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EtherCAT, safety and visualisation: the new software release 2.8 of Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) offers a variety of new functions for faster machine development.

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