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Ratingen, 27 June 2013 - Re-using braking energy effectively and bridging of short power outages safely: Kollmorgen’s new KCM series power storage modules feature a novel robust capacitor technology that increases performance, primarily for multi-axis servo motion systems. KCM series options include a new active support module for DC intermediate circuits and a solution for short-term energy storage and re-delivery of braking energy without mains distortion. A third version is available that combines both options in a single expansion module.

The new KCM active support module has been designed for the DC bus of single and multi-axis systems – such as the Kollmorgen AKD Servo family. In this way the active support module acts almost as a UPS for the drive. Even during short-term power failures the DC link voltage is maintained, reducing the risk of uncontrolled outages, nullifying machine damage as well as halting production losses. In German industry alone during 2011 the Federal Network Agency registered that these disorders are increasing in actual practice to some 200,000 interruptions in the low- and medium-voltage application areas.

KCM active support modules develop their balancing effect directly in the DC-link without costly installation. The devices are switched on automatically and load their energy storage during inverter operation in highly metered doses so as not to overload the charging circuit of the inverter. The simple and elegant way to greater availability in production also represents a cost-effective means to replace high-maintenance electromechanical storage systems with high inertia.

The KCM energy storage device dynamically stores braking energy. The innovation consists in the fact that the modules placed directly in the DC-link do not have a disturbing influence on the mains compared to complex regenerative solutions. The capacitors store energy during the braking and return it to the DC-link when acceleration takes place and power is required.

The short-term buffering of energy in this additional and expandable modular storage expansion of the DC-link circuit creates a simple and elegant way to reduce peak currents during acceleration and to reduce power consumption; since the energy generated during braking is not dissipated in resistors, leading to unwanted heat.

Kollmorgen also offers a third expansion module that combines active support and energy storage to extend the capacity of the system according to the demands of the application.


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