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12 May 2011

Achieve Uncompromised Packaging Machine Performance with Kollmorgen KBM™ Series Motors

Ratingen, 12 May 2011 – Kollmorgen introduces the KBM series of frameless, brushless torque motors. They are engineered to satisfy the demands of high-performance and space restricted applications typical in packaging. OEMs who demand higher throughput, lower noise and longer life out of their machines can rely on KBM motors to deliver. The frameless, brushless motor series, provides the reliability and flexibility that OEMs require to compete in the packaging market. KBM’s wide range of size, performance and design features provides machine builders with the right motion solution to solve their most critical motion requirements.

“When directly coupled to the machine’s load, KBM motors offer exceptional direct drive rotary benefits over traditional mechanical transmission systems. By eliminating the compliant components of the system, such as gearboxes, timing belts and pulleys, KBM motors increase machine throughput, reduce noise and reduce maintenance requirements to extend a machine’s useful life,” says Mike Crowe, Director of Sales & Marketing. These benefits are provided in a compact, yet highperformance, footprint which allows OEMs to design smaller, more cost effective machines. KBM is a powerful addition to the Kollmorgen portfolio of innovative motion solutions.

The KBM series leverages over 70 years of motor design and development expertise to offer a powerdense, modular and flexible set of motors, that are highly cost effective and available in a lead time of 4 weeks. Many component options and modifications are available to help OEMs quickly develop cost effective machines with motion solutions that are optimized for the best package size and performance.

KBM motors outperform through their lower maintenance and repair costs, shorter machine downtimes and longer service life, plus their level of efficiency is at least 10% greater than that of mechanical transmission solutions such as gearbox and timing belt systems. As a result of direct drive motor design, exceptionally high power density, and hollow-shaft, KBM motors make particularly compact machine motion solutions possible. Additionally, these motor are capable of driving high inertia loads with large inertia ratios between the rotor and load. They also score points for dynamics, with outstanding acceleration and deceleration times which contribute to maximizing machine performance.

Compared with other direct drive motor solutions the KBM series provides more configuration possibilities of its standard components to allow machine builders to rapidly develop high-performance solutions at low cost. The 14 sizes, 7 lengths and over 150 pre-designed motor windings and numerous available options, enable machine designers to work without constricting specifications, thus allowing machines to be completely optimized as needed. For even greater application performance, it is possible to install an external air or water cooling system to significantly increase continuous motor torque. With this variety of product solutions OEMs can get their machine motion optimized quickly without excessive development costs—and launch product to market faster. There are always options, if the KBM’s wide range of standard motors do not provide the ideal form, fit or function, OEMs can be assured that Kollmorgen’s decades of motor optimization experience can provide the most cost effective motion solution at the performance they need.

“The collective performance attributes of KBM motors make them an ideal solution for packaging machines. They deliver highly precise, reliable and dynamic performance, along with a highly controlled overload capacity, in even the tightest spaces,” says Crowe. In fact, OEMs will find that KBM motors pay for themselves more quickly than other options as a result of increased machine throughput and accuracy.

Features in Detail

KBM series motors were developed using industry proven technology to provide highly reliable and safe motion solutions in a continuous torque range of 1.45 to 3,445 Nm along with a peak torque of 4.91 to 12,812 Nm. In addition, the KBM motors’ materials of construction satisfy the EC Directive and comply with RoHS and UL specifications, making it easier for customers to certify their machine into which the KBM motors are installed.

KBM frameless brushless motors are available in standard sizes of 60 to 825 mm in diameter, for 240 or 480 VAC operation. Each structure size is available in 3 or 4 lengths. Rotor hub sizes can be adjusted individually to customer specifications.


Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for machine builders around the globe, with over 70 years of motion control design and application expertise. Through world-class knowledge in motion, industry-leading quality and deep expertise in linking and integrating standard and custom products, Kollmorgen delivers breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use, giving machine builders an irrefutable marketplace advantage.

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