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17 Nov 2011

Uniquely Compact, Strong and Clever: Matchbox Size Servo Motor with Standstill Brake and Absolute Encoder

Ratingen, 17 November 2011 –Kollmorgen introduces AKM1 servo motors, the company’s smallest motor from the AKM™ servo motor family. AKM1 features a standstill brake, various available feedback systems, absolute encoders and with a highly compact rotating twin plug (YTEC). AKM1 is the most compact synchronous servo motor in its performance class, and reliably stops proper motions in an axis - for instance with vertical axis alignments - and makes reference runs unnecessary upon start-up. This new version minimizes control effort while increasing productivity and reliability - all with lower space and energy requirements. With AKM1 machine engineers and users can further optimize their machines, thereby achieving significant competitive advantages.

Thanks to high power density, low mass inertia and low cogging, AKM1 models – just like all other motors in the AKM range – deliver high efficiency to significantly distinguish them from conventional synchronous servo motors. With identical output, they are 30 to 50% more compact and 10 to 30% lighter. This enables OEMs to build smaller, lighter and more energy efficient machines with improved heat dissipation, durability, availability and performance.

AKM1 servo motors are available with a variety of feedback systems and winding variants. Single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoders with HIPERFACE® interface are available, as are resolvers, incremental encoders and Smart Feedback Devices (SFD) for this smallest of designs – with flange dimensions of 40mm. The battery-free multi-turn encoder does not just measure the angle but also the number of rotations, thereby enabling the current position to be precisely determined without any reference run whatsoever. As a result, operations can be restarted more quickly following interruptions such as a power outage. Additionally, unlike many competitor models the optional standstill brake of the AKM1 is a spring brake, which is significantly more reliable than a magnetic brake due to the double-sided effect of the braking force on the disk.

AKM synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen achieve efficiency that corresponds with IE4, the highest efficiency class in accordance with the new standard IEC 60034-30. On average they require 30% less energy than traditional asynchronous motors, while delivering outstanding efficiency in comparison with conventional synchronous servo motors.

The significantly lower moment of inertia provided by AKM solutions is particularly noticeable in dynamic applications. Sometimes it is ten times less than that of asynchronous models, meaning that considerably less energy is required for acceleration. For applications with frequently changing speeds, some parameters can be improved by up to 50% compared with asynchronous solutions. This is evidenced by an example from the machine tools industry, where for a multi-spindle automatic lathe with 38 axes the power input was reduced from 5.36 kW to 3.12 kW, while the heat output of the motors dropped from 2.7 kW to 1.3 kW.

AKM1 motors have a flange size of 40 mm which, depending on the design, accounts for static torques ranging from 0.19 and 0.41 Nm. Maximum speed is 8,000 rpm.



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