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19 Oct 2010

Kollmorgen Power Generation System Delivers Necessary Power at Desired Voltage in Power-Hungry Military Vehicles

2010 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

RADFORD, Va.-- Kollmorgen introduces the Power Generation System - a complete, robust power platform that can be optimized to meet virtually any military vehicle’s energy demands, with the flexibility to fit in applications where space is at a premium. Whether operating at low or high voltage, the system can be retrofitted to defense vehicle fleets in a matter of months, in contrast to the years it can take to design and launch new vehicles to accommodate a larger generator. A 28VDC system that generates up to 30kW of power is installed on a Kenworth T300 truck that will be available for live demonstrations in conjunction with the AUSA meeting on October 25 – 27, 2010, in Washington DC. Call 540-633-3660 to learn more and to schedule a demonstration.

“Conventional hybrid motors and alternators simply aren’t engineered to satisfy the strenuous power demands of defense vehicles. These vehicles require a high-kilowatt system that’s small and adaptable enough to fit the vehicle without requiring a lengthy and costly redesign, and that supply the AC and DC voltages the vehicle requires”
“In defense vehicles, getting enough power means arming soldiers with the most advanced weapon, protection and communication systems, without adding unnecessary size and weight, or compromising the performance of other essential systems,” says Brandon Edlefsen, Business Unit Director, Kollmorgen. “The Power Generation System provides the power that the military needs, at the voltage and within the footprint military vehicle OEMs have. And unlike vendors who supply just high or low voltage systems, Kollmorgen is uniquely positioned to serve as a one-stop shop for defense vehicle OEMs who have a wide variety of power needs within a single vehicle, and/or across vehicle platforms.”

Defense vehicles are being outfitted with new, power-hungry systems for IED jamming, threat detection, peripheral video surveillance and more. Additionally, heavier armor places heavier power demands on the motors that operate doors and other moving parts. Today’s defense vehicles use 28-volt DC systems capable of supplying about 15 kilowatts of power - not nearly enough to satisfy the ever-increasing power needs.

“There’s talk among defense contractors of moving to high voltage systems, and the Kollmorgen Power Generation System offers the flexibility to deliver high voltage for vehicles that need it. But for most purposes there is a simpler solution. At 28 volts, the Kollmorgen system can supply 30 kilowatts of power, which is enough to handle even the most demanding defense applications deployed today, or planned for tomorrow,” explains Edlefsen.

The TARDEC Fuel Efficiency Demonstrator (FED) program is another example of a Kollmorgen power generation system that efficiently provided the power required (30kW) at the correct voltage (28VDC) with an industry leading weight savings (approximately 150lbs). Kollmorgen achieved the program requirements by providing a 30kW 28VDC Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and power electronics in a holistic systems approach that eliminated the need for an expensive, large and heavy DC/DC convertor. This Kollmorgen solution contributes to the success of the TARDEC FED program in meeting its objectives of reducing fuel consumption on the battlefield, which ultimately will lead to saving lives of our nation’s warfighters.

The Power Generation System was born of Kollmorgen’s 60+ years of delivering motor and mechanical solutions to the defense industry, and 10+ years of providing power generation and control solutions to the industrial vehicle market. Consisting of a Kollmorgen permanent magnet AC generator, generator controller, software and cables, the system has the flexibility to support demanding military vehicle power needs at low or high voltage, AC, DC or both. Its modular design readily accommodates vehicle upgrades and retrofits without any need to replace the generator, wiring or drive electronics.

The generator provides twice the power density within the same space as a traditional alternator, can be air- or liquid-cooled, and can be mounted in belt-driven, PTO or inline configurations. The generator controller is rooted in a product platform with more than one million units delivered since 1996. Designed in accordance with MIL-STD-1275D and MIL-STD-461E, the controller features a robust, modular architecture that is engineered to withstand the most demanding military environments, and that facilitates easy expansion as vehicle needs evolve. Cables are shielded and optimized for military vehicle applications. They consume minimal space and weight, while delivering maximum performance and reliability even in temperatures up to 260°C.

“Conventional hybrid motors and alternators simply aren’t engineered to satisfy the strenuous power demands of defense vehicles. These vehicles require a high-kilowatt system that’s small and adaptable enough to fit the vehicle without requiring a lengthy and costly redesign, and that supply the AC and DC voltages the vehicle requires,” explains Edlefsen. “The Kollmorgen Power Generation System is just such a system. Rather than imposing limitations, it opens up a world of possibilities by providing military vehicles with new levels of power to get the job done, while enabling faster upgrades as vehicle needs and power demands evolve.”

In addition to the significant power benefits it brings to defense vehicles, the Power Generation System offers outstanding torque, efficiency, economy and cleanliness to supplement fossil fuels on urban buses, agricultural vehicles and other heavy-duty hybrids.


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