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27 Nov 2007

SPS/IPC/DRIVES: Revolutionary New Automation Software and Three New Components

The Danaher Motion Suite, which is supported worldwide, rounds off Danaher Motion's comprehensive selection of motion and automation components and reinforces the company’s position as a global automation supplier. This package is based on the company's tried and tested, highly intuitive PipeNetwork programming language, which it enhances into a complete automation solution. The important point is that all three main functions of a control system – collection and monitoring of process machine data, PLC and motion control – are directly linked in a common development and software environment. The flow of signals between these functions takes place directly in real time without intermediate computation.

Danaher Motion Suite software package radically simplifies and speeds up programming and commissioning of automation solutions

The entire machine can be programmed by simply describing its functions and the mechanical relationships between components with the aid of graphical description blocks. Just a few clicks are needed to achieve virtual simulation of all the machine's internal processes, no matter how complex, in order to determine the right settings and eliminate problems prior to commissioning, and to load the results into the control system. A wealth of special functions allows adaptation of the Danaher Motion Suite for any application.

On request, Danaher Motion supplies custom versions of the AKM motors with ITT Cannon CmX connector board that will be exhibited at the fair. The new flat connector solution combines the advantages of round connectors with those of a conventional motor terminal box. With its impressively low height of just 2 cm, this box is perfect for applications where space is at a premium. It can also save time and money when fitting and removing the motor. Even though the internal connector distribution and assignment varies with this new connector solution, small individual connectors at the end of the cables ensure the cables can be laid without any issues. Color-coded connectors safeguard this particularly reliable and durable arrangement against polarity reversal.

The recently launched Small Frame Cartridge DDR Direct Drive Motors from Danaher Motion also save critical space. The new models with 108, 137 and 188 mm flanges can be connected directly to the load to eliminate intermediate mechanical elements such as gearing, couplings and belts. They therefore combine the typical advantages of direct drive motors – which include compactness, constant high torque, impressive dynamic response, accuracy, low maintenance and wear – with the ease of mounting of enclosed motors. This allows smaller machines to be built more quickly - machines that provide higher workpiece quality at higher output levels, while generating lower follow-up costs than conventional solutions.

With the servo amplifiers of the S1300 series finally, at SPS/IPC/DRIVES Danaher Motion will be showing new solutions for multi-axis applications with servo, linear and torque motors. The new, particularly reasonably priced models save space and installation costs, as they can each control three axes at once, so that fewer amplifiers are required for each application. At the same time a variety of design and volume synergies mean these amplifiers offer the user excellent value for money. Thanks to the individually adaptable and scalable output stage, the new servo amplifiers also offer impressive flexibility. With a sampling time of 62.5 µs, they are highly dynamically responsive, with adaptive optimization of the feedback signals ensuring smooth running.

About Danaher Motion
For over 20 years Danaher Motion, one of the world's leading global suppliers of drive and control components and systems, has been boosting the efficiency of complex manufacturing operations with its quality products, and constantly innovating to help the automation industry develop. Well-known brands including Kollmorgen, Thomson and Dover have been brought under the umbrella of the company. Danaher Motion's carefully matched precision technology is used to great effect within across a wide range of industrial sectors including semiconductors, robotics, aeronautics, medical engineering, vehicle manufacturing, plastics and packaging.
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