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27 Nov 2007

Small, powerful and easy to assemble – new compact direct drive motors

One of the most important advantages of the new Small Frame Cartridge DDR motors is that they do not require mechanical intermediate elements, such as gearboxes, clutches or belts. Components which are not needed do not generate any costs during development, assembly, administration or maintenance. In addition, they cannot wear or lead to machine breakdowns and repair costs. Thanks to the elimination of intermediate parts and the use of high bandwidths, the new Danaher Motion motors allow up to 50 times greater accuracy than conventional drive-motor combinations while also allowing machine designers to save considerable time.

Further advantages include improved dynamics, as the moment of inertia is significantly lower, and higher speeds, which lead to faster processes. There is virtually no limitation in terms of the motor to load inertia torque ratio enabling the elimination of mechanical gearing systems between motor and load. Finally, the new Cartridge DDR motors enable significant noise reduction, as they produce up to 20 dB less noise than conventional solutions.