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  Europe | February 2019       
  Kollmorgen and Stemmann-Technik are developing a TÜV-certified solution  

Safe Torque Off


Slip rings emerged at the same time as electric motors and generators. The operating principle, which involves sliding contacts on rotating circular conductors, is essentially fairly simple. Any issues relate to matters of detail, and these are the things that currently present the main challenge to developers – with regard, for example, to the growing role of safety technology in the field of engineering. 

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Teach a Cobot New Trick


Throughout the Iron Man series, Tony repeatedly tells the articulated cobot that he’s doing it wrong, he even goes so far to place a dunce cap on its head and put it in the corner. And this brings Emily Blanchard to an important aspect of a cobot: teachability.

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  AKM2G Product Selector  

To meet the increasing demand for AKM2G motors, we have included the AKM2G in the Kollmorgen Product Selector. The Product Selector provides customers with the article numbers and detailed technical data in just a few steps.
Adding AKM2G to our Product Selector provides a quick overview of AKM2G servo motors that potentially meet your application needs. Sales and application teams are also available for detailed questions on motor selection.

  AKM2G Product Selector  
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