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  Europe | 30 July 2019       
  The precise geometry of 3D cutting  

KBM motors as a byword for accuracy in laser cutting


Pipes for industrial and residential flue ducts are made using machines by KOLLMORGEN Direct Drive motors. The production of automation systems for sheet metal forming for sectors such as air conditioning, flue ducts and the automotive industry is the core business of TTEngineering.

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  AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide  

In response to increasing demand for AKM2G motors in low voltage applications, Kollmorgen has added the AKM2G low voltage version to the standard AKM2G portfolio. The launch of AKM2G low voltage in July 2019, focused on Size 3 Connector version, is the first release in the AKM2G low voltage development roadmap. More low voltage variants will be released in the fourth quarter of 2019.
The AKM2G Low Voltage Selection Guide is now available on our website.

  Blog in Motion  

Why Choose a Frameless Motor for Your Machine?


Frameless, or “servo motor kits”, open up numerous possibilities in designing motion elements for your machine related to performance. A frameless motor consists of rotor and stator components which are built into a machine assembly to transmit torque to a load. Many applications which take advantage of a frameless motor are direct driven, which eliminates bandwidth robbing compliance.

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