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  Europe | May 2018       
  Hannover: Where The Robots Come From  

KOLLMORGEN servo motors provide boost for start-up in Lower Saxony


Collaborative robots were a big feature of the Hannover Messe trade show again in 2018. Small, intelligent, sensitive, and self-learning: The ways in which robots can be used are increasing all the time. And the level of acceptance is also rising – thanks to attractive prices and short ROI times. Off-the-shelf handling solutions are in demand and Yuanda Robotics has a range of market-ready robot systems.

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Robotic Motor Solutions


Our reputation for enabling robotic innovation continues to grow as Kollmorgen motors deliver motion to new robotic applications every year. With over 100 years of industry experience, we’ve set hundreds of thousands of robotic joints in motion. Please download our new Robotic Motor Solutions brochure.

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Collaborative Robots (cobots) - Who Benefits?


Collaborative robots (cobots) are robots designed to work safely with and next to their human counterparts. A subset of collaborative robotics has innovative safety techniques that completely eliminate the need for a safety barrier between the human and the robot. This enables a wide range of applications to deploy and benefit from this collaborative robot technology.

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