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Europe | Nov 2017
Cutting edge: The shark teeth

Saw blade manufacturer Alesa develops its own grinding machine

Sintered tools have a reputation in metal processing for being particularly hard-wearing and for maintaining their sharpness over a long period. However, processing saw blades, drills, and milling tools proves to be time-consuming as a result of their particular hardness. This is why the saw blade professionals from Alesa in Switzerland started their own development process...

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Talented all-rounder now acting in unison

KOLLMORGEN equips its S700 servo controllers with single-cable connection technology

The benefits of connecting drives using just one cable are obvious in machinery and plant construction: they include faster installation, space savings, reduced inertia, and lower costs to name a few. Following very positive experiences with…

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Blog in Motion

Eccentricity, Wobble, and How a Servo System Can Help

By definition, Eccentricity is a measure of how much a roll deviates from being perfectly circular. Ideally, eccentricity should be zero, but in reality, it is never zero...

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