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  Europe | Oct '17  
  The risk with vertical axes  

Monitoring and controlling brakes are part of functional safety technology at KOLLMORGEN


Safety of people and machinery is a constant challenge, particularly with applications that involve loads transported and positioned vertically. There are challenging issues that arise from the design to the construction stages especially when the goal involves ensuring the safety of vertical axes with high loads using just the holding brake installed in the drive motor.

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  Comau’s first AGV:  

A flexible Solution for the SMART factory


The result of this collaboration is “AGILE 1500” Comau’s first ever AGV: scalable, fully on-line and customizable, able to adapt to multiple navigation systems. A solution in keeping with the status of Industry 4.0.

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  Blog in Motion  

Issues to Consider when Operating a Motor in a Vacuum


Question: I need to operate a servo motor in a vacuum, what are some considerations?

Answer: In a word? You might think that proper motor sizing* is a big issue, it always is, however...

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