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  Europe July 2017  
  A perfect solution in Bakery Automation  

For the pre-ferment, Bühler has developed a solution


No hearty rye bread without sourdough. The stollen becomes deliciously soft when some of the baking ingredients are first mixed together and left to rise (thanks to the properties of yeast) before all the other ingredients are blended into the main dough. The mixture made mainly from cereal flour and bulk liquids such as water and milk is known as pre-ferment among bakers.

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AKM DC Servo Motor low voltage for autonomous vehicles


With the Packman 200, Opteq Robotics has developed a self-driving solution for material flows which makes its way quickly and directly through the aisles to reach its destination, just like the popular arcade game from the 1980s.


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Food Recall Hits Close to Home


On February 21st, a recall for a soft cheese was issued due to high amounts of Listeria monocytogenes. Virginia and Maryland have been investigating the products from the manufacturer.

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