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  Europe 26 Jan '17  
  An excellent Press Mailing Service  

Decentralizing the system to reduce space and materials


Promotional postcards and flyers, membership cards, coupons and other info materials fill up our mail boxes daily and encourage shopping tailored to you. Do we ever ask ourselves where all this comes from? The answer is probably from creative minds based in marketing companies. That’s true, when it’s about the idea. However, who produces and makes all of this? A mailing house. Correct! But how?

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  Moving into the packaging cluster  

KOLLMORGEN Switzerland now has more space for sales and training


By moving from Volketswil to Neuhausen, KOLLMORGEN has left the Swiss Canton of Zürich and opened its new subsidiary for Sales and Engineering in Neuhausen. By changing location to the Canton of Schaffhausen next to the Rhine Falls, the company, which specializes in servo drive technology and motion control, has opened up more opportunities in systems and product training.

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Stop Paying the Cable Companies!


Machine builders focus on functionality and reliability when first designing a new machine. Ideas are put on paper and components are strung together in block diagrams with thin lines to show the association of all the pieces. It is the most creative time in the cycle. Things can be moved and shifted with ease because everything is on a whiteboard.

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