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  Europe April '16  
  Magnetic field instead of feed rollers  

tecodrive is developing a revolutionary process for material feed applications with the help of servo drives from Kollmorgen.


tecodrive GmbH from Garbsen has named its invention "fleXfeed" – and is breaking revolutionary new ground in material feed applications used for metal processing. Thanks to an ingenious magnetic field, "fleXfeed" works on a completely contact-free basis and is much faster than conventional feed rollers.

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  Safe encoder  

KOLLMORGEN combines AKM motors with safe feedback


There are now two new certified safety feedback systems for AKM servo motors in the form of sine/cosine encoders (Hiperface) for single-turn and multi-turn applications.

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  Precise Motion Control in Meat Processing Applications  

IFFA - Hall 11, booth D21


KOLLMORGEN shows decentralized servo solutions during the international meat processing fair IFFA between May 7 and 12, 2016, in Frankfurt.

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  ICH Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide Update  

The ICH series of maintenance-free iron-core linear motors offer high power density and transmit it without any mechanical components. The units are designed so as to deliver feed forces between 175 and 5341 N in continuous operation (maximum force more than 12,000 N).

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