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NORTH AMERICA | December 2014

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Tomorrow December 3rd - 
Food Safety Demands a Clean Plant

Time: 2:00 PM ET

In this free webinar two vital components of food safety in plants will be discussed.

  • How to design machine powertrains to be both reliable and hygienic in wash-down environments.
  • How to safely sanitize equipment with dry ice (carbon dioxide).

Food manufacturers understand just how essential clean manufacturing is to the life of their business. Our brief (less than 40 minutes) but extremely informative webinar will highlight two important components to food safety with a live question-and-answer period at the end. Presenters are Bill Sutton, Electrical Engineer with Kollmorgen and Tyson H. Marlowe, Director of Global Business Development with Cold Jet, LLC.



FREE Webinar December 8th:
FSMA & GFSI Impact

In this free webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  • Updates to the FSMA and GFSI
  • Compliance requirements and the impact on OEM's and food and beverage processors

Continuous improvement in design and implementation of equipment that is functional, reliable and easy to clean.

There have been updates to the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Global Food Safety Initiative that will impact OEM's and food and beverage processors. This webinar will review those changes and discuss what machine builders and processors need to do for future compliance. The webinar will also cover continuous improvement in design and the implementation of equipment that is functional, reliable and easy to clean.




Get More for Your Money - Electric over Hydraulic in Oil and Gas

Hydraulic motors have long been entrenched in oil and gas applications because of their high power density. Today, electric motors are closing the gap, enabling many applications to use electric motors on retrofits and new system designs.


Three Unconventional Uses for HMI's

HMI's can look at a multitude of machine variables and they can be presented in a more relatable graphical format than digital readout or analog meters. For instance, instead of a tank volume number, the operator is visually shown how much fluid is in the tank.


Tips for a Successful Servo Crossover

There are a number of situations that call for crossing over and replacing an existing motor with a newer servo. These can include: product obsolescence, cost savings, lead time issues, or upgrading to newer technology.