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Oil Industry Moving from Hydraulic to Electrical Motor Systems

Hydraulic motors have traditionally been used for providing power in challenging oil drilling and production applications because they are relatively inexpensive and have a high power density. But in recent decades, electric motors have gotten considerably smaller due to improvements in permanent magnet materials and more efficient electro-magnetic designs, among other significant factors.

The typical industrial electrical motor operates in 40C ambient conditions and the heat generated by the motor raises the winding temperature by as much as 115C (to an ultimate temperature of 155C) as a result of the losses created when producing useful power at the motor shaft.

Typical downhole conditions, on the other hand, are at considerably higher temperatures (typically 170C to 200C) which, with a conventional motor, would result in winding temperatures well above 240C, the point at which many of the components of a typical high temperature brushless DC motor fail or seriously degrade in performance.

A new generation of high-temperature motors is addressing this challenge by allowing the motor to perform in ambient temperatures at or above 200C and pressures of 30,000 PSI. The new generation of Kollmorgen HP / HT downhole motors provides pressure compensated, flow-through oil, or free air design, debris-tolerant design, High Pressure / High Temperature compatible connectors and specialized alloys for enhanced corrosion and abrasion resistance.


Learn How to Build Better Machines, Faster, With Self-Paced E-learning Resources from Kollmorgen

Online and hands-on training resources satisfy varied learning styles, enabling machine designers and builders to tap into more than 70 years of Kollmorgen motion control design and application expertise, at the technical depth and pace that fits their needs.

Kollmorgen introduces E-learning – a suite of educational and technically substantive automation and motion control training resources designed to help OEMs design and build superior performing machines, at their pace and on their schedule. These include self-paced Learning Modules with an interactive learn-on-demand focus, Blended Courses that combine self-paced learning with live online interaction with instructors and other students, and In-Work Learning that utilizes quick, concise “guide me” lessons and how-to videos.

Kollmorgen also offers traditional classroom training, with workshops that are all about hands-on access – and not just the typical pre-defined demo unit. Kollmorgen workshops delivers a depth of experience and understanding unique to hands-on learning opportunities, challenging students to build a working system from the ground up starting with the drives, backplanes, wires, cables, contactors and other components. Students are further challenged to troubleshoot their system after it has tinkered with by an instructor.


Free Motion 101 Training Snippet on Compliance, Stiffness, and Tuning!

Learn about Compliance & Stiffness,
and how it affects your machine performance!

When a system is sized, we rarely talk about compliance or stiffness in relation to torque and velocity. This Motion 101 Training Snippet is available for download by clicking the button below.  Not only will you have access to this training snippet, but the lesson will allow you to communicate with one of our instructors if you have any questions, and you will receive answers to the exercises included in the worksheet within 72 hours



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Oil Industry Moving to Electric Motors

Technical Training Courses

Help differentiate your machines with hands-on motion control solutions training from Kollmorgen.


Our technical training is designed and taught by key Kollmorgen personnel who are associated with the particular product or subject.


Customized, on-site technical training is available.  For more information, contact [email protected].


See a list of scheduled training classes provided below.

Motion 101Servo Motion Basics

July 29-31, 2014  Radford, VA

AKD/AKD BASIC - Drives Workshop

August 5-7  Radford, VA

Kollmorgen Automation Suite Level 1 - KAS/PDMM

August 4-8, 2014  Fond du Lac, WI

Ethernet Networks Simplified

Setting up an Ethernet network can be frustrating if you don't understand the basics.  A network is just the communication connection between two or more devices.  These devices can be computers, PLC's, servo drives, HMI's, sensors, cameras…anything that supports Ethernet communication. 



July 27-31, Chicago, Illinois

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November 2-5, Chicago, Illinois

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