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Live Agent Chat—Knowledge Search Center

Live Agent

Kollmorgen is now offering the ability to chat live with our customer support associates on select pages of our website. When you have that burning question, and you can’t seem to find just the right answer you are looking for, try our Live Agent Chat.

There are times when you are reviewing information on a website, you’ve found some items that interest you, but you are uncertain of your next move – and since you are already on the website – why not click into a Live Agent Chat environment where you can get your question answered quickly. Other times, you may have a problem you are trying to solve, and you just aren’t sure where to look – Live Agent is designed to give you a quick and easy way to ask us your questions, or direct you to the best place to get your answer.

Live Agent is a simple tool deployed to the website which provides you with a one click icon. A quick pre-chat form will open up for you to tell us who you are and then once you submit this form, a customer support associate is notified that you are ready to chat. Anytime you see our green Live Agent icon, you know someone is available to chat with you. Occasionally, you may see a gray Live Agent icon, which indicates we are currently offline.

Knowledge Center Search

If you’re not quite in a chatting mood, and still have a question for which you need an answer, we offer our Knowledge Search Center. This section of our web site allows you to type in your question in the search area, and the Knowledge Search tool scours our database for just the right answer. If it can’t seem to get you to the best answer, it provides a means for you to submit your question to our Applications Support team. In short order, they will respond with a specific answer that is tailored to your question – try it out here:

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Motion Makes the Mission

Did you know that Kollmorgen has been solving motion problems for the aerospace and defense industry for more than 70 years? As early as the 1950s we were working with MIT to develop stabilized platforms for inertial guidance systems. Today, we work with industry leaders to provide critical motion solutions in applications like ground vehicle systems, radar pedestals, weapon stations, unmanned vehicles, precision-guided munitions and aircraft. We continue to develop proven technologies and unmatched expertise for applications that demand performance by land, sea and air.

Quality and innovation is still the core mission for Kollmorgen. Our Business & Technology Forum provides an overview of Kollmorgen technologies, capabilities and expertise. The Forum demonstrates how Kollmorgen collaborates to provide solutions with direct drive servo motors, brush motors, brushless torque motors, stepper motors, drives, gearboxes, controls and more.

Click here for more information on Kollmorgen capabilities and the Business and Technology Forum


Increase Machine Control, Motion Capabilities, and EtherCAT System Support with Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ (KAS) software version 2.8 and AKD servo drive platform firmware version 1.12. The additions include a new higher performance version of the AKD PDMM, enhancements to the coordinated motion programming blocks and additions to the EtherCAT configuration tool. This enables OEM’s who utilize Kollmorgen’s automation and drive systems to deliver differentiated machines with greater system design flexibility, performance capability, and ease-of-use.


Click here to download the Press Release



In This Issue:

Live Agent Chat—Knowledge Search Center

Technical Training Courses


Help differentiate your machines with hands-on motion control solutions training from Kollmorgen.

Our technical training is designed and taught by key Kollmorgen personnel who are associated with the particular product or subject.

Customized, on-site technical training is available.  For more information, contact [email protected].


See a list of scheduled training classes provided below.

Motion Control Programming for PIC/MMC

July 21-25, 2014  Fond du Lac, WI


Motion 101Servo Motion Basics

July 29-31, 2014  Radford, VA


Kollmorgen Automation Suite Level 1 - KAS/PDMM

August 4-8, 2014  Fond du Lac, WI


AKD/AKD BASIC - Drives Workshop

August 5-7  Radford, VA


Incredible Voyage
Using Tried-and-True
Servo Technology

Do you remember the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage? What about Innerspace? Both of these movies feature stories about a small vessel working inside of the human body.  At the time these movies seemed impossible because there were microscopic humans operating the ships.


Of course now it is 2014 and surely you've heard of Arthroscopy

Read Article

IAFP 2014
Kollmorgen will be presenting at
Advanced Cleaning Technology for Food Processing Equipment Workshop

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Schedule a visit with Tom England 


July 27-31, Chicago, Illinois

Schedule a visit with Ken Huffenus


ROBO Business
October 15-17, Boston, MA

Schedule a visit with Ken Huffenus



November 2-5, Chicago, Illinois

Schedule a visit with Bill Sutton