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Demystifying the Use of Frameless Motors in Robotics

Demystifying the Use of Frameless Motors in Robotics

Robots for high-precision applications in industrial and extreme environments need the right parts for the job. This webcast looks at the features and uses of frameless motors.

September 11, 2018
2:00 PM EST

In this webcast, Robotics Business Review speaks with Kollmorgen‘s Tom S. Wood and Gene Matthews about the considerations for using frameless motors in robots. Kollmorgen’s experience with motors for high-performance military, scientific, and industrial applications can help robotics innovators as they choose the best off-the-shelf or custom motors for the job.

The speakers will discuss design and performance tradeoffs. For instance, makers of collaborative robot arms want to limit the amount of waste heat. Different robots must operate in harsh environments, such as the factory floor, deep beneath the ocean, or in outer space.