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Kollmorgen is a key player in the Industry 4.0 revolution with solutions for robotics and automated guided vehicles with 2,000 people employed worldwide. Our infrastructure, intellectual knowledge, passion and experience are testament to our pursuit of motion excellence. And because of our heritage of customization, we see opportunities, not obstacles.

Why Work for Us?

More than five decades ago, Kollmorgen developed the direct drive technology that enables some of today’s most remarkably innovative machines.

We helped engineers build the first self-contained artificial heart. Our end-to-end onsite engineering resulted in China’s first air-jet loom for manufacturing, and we’ve been a pioneer in hybrid motor technology for transportation for two decades.

We work together to win together.

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Meet our People

Junior Product Manager
Johanna, Kollmorgen Sweden

As a teenager my French teacher asked me to write a letter to “my-future-self”. Years later, after a couple of years doing non-tech jobs, I found this letter. I didn’t remember that I had written, “Engineer” as my future occupation but, in hindsight, the fact that I’ve memorized the number of Pi to 400 decimals probably says a lot!

My main responsibility is to understand our client’s needs and prioritize the implementation of different stages and projects. It’s both technical and creative at the same time. You have to think beyond the current technology and try to foresee the future. To be on this journey with likeminded and supportive people is really great!

 Studied: Automation & Mechatronics, Chalmers University of Technology

System Quality Engineer
Studied: Mechatronics, Chalmers University of Technology
Junior Software Engineer
Milica, Kollmorgen Sweden

When I was 5 years old I broke a remote control just to understand how it worked. That pretty much explains why I am here today! Not that I like to break things, but rather because I am naturally curious about how things work. I simulate, analyze and do issue fixing. Testing and perfecting algorithms is key to an efficient system. A lot of my time is also spent in research, such as reviewing science articles to ensure our work is on the right path. I get a lot of freedom to grow and the culture here is so friendly. It’s great to be working with people that are so open and where the level of talent is so high.

Studied: Applied Mathematics, Chalmers University of Technology

View Our Offices & Open Positions

Kollmorgen Sweden

Kollmorgen, Sweden

As part of our team you will have the opportunity to shape the rapidly evolving future of logistics and material handling. It is our belief that the brightest minds thrive when given the freedom and space to think and create. The result is an environment that both nurtures talent and empowers individuals to innovate.
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Kollmorgen, North America

Kollmorgen, North America

The United States has two key offices on the coasts in beautiful Radford, VA and sunny Santa Barbara, CA.  We are always looking for talented machinists, engineers, software developers and office staff. 
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Ratingen, Germany

Ratingen, Germany

We are looking for colleagues for the location Ratingen near Düsseldorf with enthusiasm for continuous improvement, passion for fact-based solutions and a lot of fun working in international teams.
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