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AKD Switches from Fieldbus Mode to Service Mode | 19 Jun 2018 | |

AKD Switches from Fieldbus Mode to Service Mode

Beckhoff controller controls AKD-P00306NBEC-0000  via EtherCAT,When the fieldbus or controller go out of order, I switch command source to analog mode via digital input,in order to keep the motor running ;but  I find the software enable losts,and can not enable the motor  via software。so I want to how to solve  this problem!!!

Thanks !!!

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Martin Rupf said ...

Martin Rupf |

The enable of the drive doesn't change If you use DRV.CMDSOURCE - Fieldbus or Service. The fieldbus and Service setting has a different meaning. It states how is responsible for the trajectory generator.

In fieldbus mode the fieldbus master must provide setpoints which the AKD will follow.

In Service mode the AKD is generating the setpoints internal. Still in this mode a fieldbus master may triggering the motion in the AKD.

See this article drive command source which gives some more details to this behavior.

Martin Rupf | Tue, 06/19/2018 - 14:08

Below you can find a more general answer. To actually answer your exact situation, there is some more information needed:
What is your drive type?
What communication are you using (which Master)?
How is the drive enabled in Fieldbus mode?
How do you switch the command source?
How do you enable the drive after rebooting in service?
What is the purpose/target to switch the opmode?

Martin Rupf | Wed, 06/20/2018 - 06:03

Can you check the setting of the parameter FBUS.PROTECTION = 0 means commands are not only limited to the fieldbus. FBUS.BLOCKING is indicating if the fieldbus is blocking any other commands sources. While EtherCat is running the control word is stopping the interaction of the enable by a different channel (e.g. Digital I/O).
To use a digital I/O to enable the drive set the input to mode 9 command buffer and insert DRV.EN / DRV.DIS in the command buffer rising/falling edge

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