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How to troubleshoot MC_POWER fail | 08 Feb 2023 | |

How to troubleshoot MC_POWER fail

I have triggered MC_POWER, but the status does not show enabled and there is no error bit or error code.  How does one troubleshoot this situation? The motion engine is running, the AKD does not have "." on the LED display and Workbench confirms we are only missing the software enable.


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Joe Parks said ...

Joe Parks |

I would check MC_ReadStatus to verify if you are in an error state at the controller which prevents the axis from enabling. If you are using an AKD2G drive a common issue is with the diable mode defaults to control stop then disable. KAS sees a control stop at the drive then puts it in an error state that must be cleared with MC_ResetError before it can enable again. As shown below I recommend changing the drive parameter to disable immediately.


Baltzer | Thu, 02/09/2023 - 09:58

Try using the MC_ReadStatus in your code.
I might be that the PLC-Open axis is in ErrorStop state.


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