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How can I change the mode between Torque and Speed by profinet With Siemens S7-1200? | 09 Oct 2019 | |

How can I change the mode between Torque and Speed by profinet With Siemens S7-1200?

How  can I  change the mode between Torque and Speed by profinet With Siemens S7-1200?

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Martin Rupf said ...

Martin Rupf |

The AKD Profinet supports Profinet RT with cycle times down to 16ms. With this the AKD can be used in Position or Speed control. The used mode is also depending on the mapped telegram. (e.g. position mode =7, 9, 352, 353 velocity mode = 1, 350,  351). With the cycle time of 16ms torque mode isn't supported.


What could be an option is to use position/velocity mode to move the axis to the check point

Limit the drive current (IL.LIMITP, IL.LIMITN)

Start another move for a short distance which will never reach it's end position, but the axis will now apply the torque limited by IL.LIMITx

This way you don't need to switch the opmode.


If this doesn't fit your need the next performance step would be to use the drive local with I/O's. This lets you swicht OpMode. Or even only use the Torque mode with a maximum limited speed (IL.VLLIMIT)

Again one step further is to choose a real-time communication like EtherCat. This allows for cycle times of 1ms or below and therefore can support torque mode in performant way.


Just for general reference here the AKD-Profinet landing page with some programming example:


Martin Rupf | Wed, 10/09/2019 - 05:32

Hi Vicotorymorn,
Can you please provide some more information:
- about what Kollmorgen product you are using
- What works and where you struggle
- What you try to achieve. (e.g. Why do you want to switch between Speed and Torque mode, which issue should be solved like this)


victorymorn | Thu, 10/10/2019 - 01:04

2、a fatigue testing machine;first,the motor rotates at a fixed speed;when the load arrived a check point,I want to control the torque of motor,so the driver must be setted in torque mode;are there relevant example for reference?

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