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Unleash the power of lift trucks – with automation

22 Aug 2018
Samuel Alexandersson

Most warehouse managers rely on manual movements of goods and parcels with lift trucks. Turning manual lift trucks into automated lift trucks frees up resources and improves safety.

Easy switch

Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions platform makes it possible to automate manual lift trucks. The platform is well-proven and the payback period is usually as little as 1-2 years. Manual operation is still possible should the need arise.

Unleash the power of lift trucksAutomated lift trucks give a number of benefits compared to manual lift trucks. The staff gets more time for value-added assignments and if recruitment is a challenge, automation is a smooth way forward.

Safe and smart

Safety is often an argument for keeping manual lift trucks instead of replacing them with automated guided vehicles. It is true that training and certification have increased forklift safety, but 100 workers are killed and 20,000 seriously injured every year in forklift-related accidents in the US. What is more, automated lift trucks use safety fast-reacting sensors to prevent them from colliding with people and other vehicles.

Automated lift trucks can operate in areas with poor or no lighting, as well as in cold or hot climates. They also reduce plant noise and exhaust fumes. These factors contribute to better working conditions, reduced energy consumption and a cleaner environment.

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Samuel Alexandersson

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