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The multi-talent in automation

09 Aug 2018
Samuel Alexandersson

The electronics engineer A. M. Barrett Jr. invented the first automated guided vehicle in the 1950s. Today, automated guided vehicles bring value to the most shifting applications.

Intralogistics purposes

Automated guided vehicles improve efficiency, safety and quality in manufacturing and warehousing processes. In manufacturing, typical applications are line to storage, material to line, inventory moves, line production and movement of material between production cells. Moving on to warehousing, automated guided vehicles are used for picking, shipping and receiving, replenishment, dispatch and cross-docking.

When moving heavy goods, such as within the ceramics/tiles and paper/printing industries, automated guided vehicles have been commonly used for decades. You also find these vehicles in other types of factories (electronics, food, metal, mining, tire) as well as in hospitals and pharmaceutical production. Thanks to precise and safe movements, they also contribute to reduced physical damage and personal injuries.

The perfect kickstart

Industry 4.0 is on everybody’s lips right now – for good reason. Linking the whole value chain digitally will allow us to produce and move things faster and safer at a higher level of quality. There is only one catch: Where do I start?

The multi-talent in automationAutomated guided vehicles, based on Kollmorgen’s NDC Solutions platform, give customers a flying start into industry 4.0. The platform is flexible, well-proven and offers a payback time usually as little as 1-2 years. A reasonable initial investment makes the buying decision easier for management.

The annual production of automated guided vehicles has grown rapidly in recent years. With the industry 4.0 revolution underway and a booming e-commerce sector not least in China, the future of our NDC Solutions platform looks bright.

About the Author

Samuel Alexandersson

What I enjoy most about my work is the constant challenge to be aware of the changing needs of the marketplace. Business is booming and my role of finding opportunities and then addressing them with insights is highly rewarding. As Product Marketing Manager my main work is to analyze and join the dots to successfully segment and position a strong portfolio of products for the future market. A strong source of motivation in this global environment is all the great people you meet. Not only colleagues, but stakeholders from all over the world. Studied: Industrial Management and Engineering, The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Samuel can be reached at [email protected]

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