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Speed up your e-commerce with smart automation

19 Oct 2016
Samuel Alexandersson

Speed up your e-commerce with smart automation

The Chinese e-commerce market is growing by two digits yearly. Impressive numbers paving the way for a prospering future, but also posing demands on delivery speed and quality. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) such as carts and mobile robots, based on a proven platform, solve many intralogistics challenges thereby allowing profitable growth.

Automate to become profitable

Strong e-commerce growth encourages more and more companies to enter the market. This leads to a tight race where getting hold of the right competence and delivering undamaged products in time are crucial to success. Automation is often considered an alternative, but many automation solutions are fixed and simply don’t have the flexibility needed in this ever-changing world of e-commerce. On the other hand, automation is essential to meet all the staff and delivery challenges. Luckily, there is another alternative.

Accelerate your automation

The fast track to automation, and thereby to profitable e-commerce growth, is spelled vehicle automation. Using automated guided vehicles such as carts and mobile robots, you can be up and running with your automated system in just a few months and the payback period is often as low as 1-2 years. Compared with fixed automation, vehicle automation greatly increases efficiency without substantial investments.

Correctly managed, AGV installations can also raise the level of work satisfaction, making it easier for you to keep and train your staff. Which, in turn, opens up for improvements in delivery speed and quality.

Rely on a proven platform

When demand is high and time is tight, standardization is key to success. NDC Solutions is a standardized platform developed for customization of AGVs in all sorts of industries all over the world. All vehicles that perform intralogistics tasks such as picking and sorting can be connected and easily integrated with enterprise and warehouse management systems. With an installed base of more than 20,000 vehicles, NDC Solutions is the perfect platform for speeding up your e-commerce.

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Samuel Alexandersson

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