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The Right Supplier Partnerships Can Mitigate Risk in Defense Programs

28 Feb 2022
Kollmorgen Experts

For rapidly evolving Aerospace and Defense (A&D) requirements, engineers are facing many challenges to keep up with ever evolving demands. From supply chain issues to changing government regulations, companies are being tasked with not only navigating these global issues but also providing more value-based technologies, reliable products, and constant innovation.  

For many A&D programs, it can take years to develop and produce technologies, which makes evaluating and partnering with the right supplier critical. Small- and medium-sized organizations often lead in A&D innovation, and larger defense contractors can benefit from partnering with innovators like Kollmorgen to get the right technology quicker.  

When selecting a supplier, there are several aspects to consider.  

Product Reliability & Dependability 

It’s crucial to select suppliers that have displayed a solid history of reliability through the performance of their products. A supplier with a strong base of product reliability is a key indicator that new and innovative products and technology can help move a program forward. A strong history of reliability also demonstrates a strong adherence to process, which generally minimizes risk associated with variations in production and testing. 

Pedigree of Innovation 

Suppliers with a solid foundation of innovating and supplying products to the defense industry can help minimize risk by using the supplier’s experience. This helps to bring new technologies and modify existing products to market faster to face emerging threats. As weapons technology evolves, there is a greater need for rapid-response solutions that can engage advanced weapons with more precise capabilities.  

Kollmorgen’s reputation for excellence and rapid development has led to a range of motion solutions that help our customers push the envelope of what’s possible in the Aerospace & Defense markets. For example, the application of highly durable materials and innovative designs are allowing Kollmorgen to meet the current challenges of advanced future systems.  

Business Stability and Long-Term Continuity 

In an atmosphere of uncertainty, you need a supplier who is invested in the defense market but is strong enough to withstand the ebb and flow of governmental budgets. A supplier who is over-leveraged in defense could create risk by being “too big to fail” whereas one who only dabbles in the industry might exit when times get hard. Selecting a supplier with a broad range of expertise across several industries can provide needed stability as local and global environments change.  

Respond Quickly 

Increased international cooperation is prompting acquisition agencies to reduce bureaucratic hurdles to quickly respond to global events. These agencies and other contractors are looking for suppliers that can provide rapid prototyping and testing of new technologies. Suppliers need to serve as an extension of a partner’s own technical team to reduce risk and apply valuable knowledge where needed. Kollmorgen’s engineers allow customers to realize specialized motor attributes on a rapid development schedule with assurance of meeting cost and supply requirements for a program that may be in service for decades. 

Choose the Right Partner 

As international partnerships increase and company technologies and supply chains become more interdependent, it’s imperative to partner with a supplier that can provide rapid, specialized knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to respond to current and emerging threats. One significant way to minimize uncertainty and maximize potential is for key companies to make strategic decisions around reliability, responsiveness and innovation regarding the suppliers they select to play a key part in a program’s success. 

As a pioneer in the A&D sector as well as over 100 years of motion experience, Kollmorgen is a proven supplier and leader in motion design expertise for aerospace, defense, surveillance,  and weapon systems. Backed by a global production and supply chain, we maintain an innovative system of continuous improvement and collaborative engineering to push what is possible in the A&D space. We make sure that A&D contractors and manufacturers can be more ambitious in their motion design, engineering, and delivery.  

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Kollmorgen Experts

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