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Lift up your business with automated lift trucks

26 Apr 2017
Samuel Alexandersson

Lift up your business with automated lift trucks

If you have manual lift trucks in your manufacturing plant or warehouse, you might also have a platform for automation of repetitive or dangerous tasks. Many lift truck providers today can automate their trucks, giving you the freedom to automate your facilities and step by step realize your visions for your future material handling or movement of goods.

The best of two worlds

Standardized lift trucks with automation kits give you freedom. You enjoy all the benefits of driverless vehicles and are still able to run the trucks manually.

Another advantage of automated lift trucks is that your operators can increase the number of value-adding tasks. Professional development and more fun at work make people want to stay and grow with your company.

Next door network

Lift truck providers are often global companies with local representation. Access to local staff and everything from market knowledge to spare parts, as well as speaking the local language, make life easier for you when going for a driverless solution. At the same time, you can benefit from global best practice, for example, within vehicle service.

Working with large companies also means access to ideas and visions. One example is Smart Dynamics – Toyota’s connected trucks – where the trucks interact with humans and systems.

Five to start with

Toyota, Jungheinrich, Rocla (part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Heli and Hangcha are five of the twelve biggest lift truck providers in the world. Kollmorgen has partnerships with all five of them, delivering automation kits (navigation, software and hardware) to maximize truck performance at the lowest total cost. With our installed base of almost 20,000 automated guided vehicles, they have good reason to put their trust in us.

Talk to our partners or contact us if you want to know more about automated lift trucks. As always, feel free to subscribe to this newsletter to make sure you get the very latest information on automation with lift trucks, mobile robots, carts, specialized vehicles and more.

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Samuel Alexandersson

What I enjoy most about my work is the constant challenge to be aware of the changing needs of the marketplace. Business is booming and my role of finding opportunities and then addressing them with insights is highly rewarding. As Product Marketing Manager my main work is to analyze and join the dots to successfully segment and position a strong portfolio of products for the future market. A strong source of motivation in this global environment is all the great people you meet. Not only colleagues, but stakeholders from all over the world. Studied: Industrial Management and Engineering, The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Samuel can be reached at [email protected]

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