How Can Defense Equipment Suppliers Enhance Their Products?

March 09, 2018, by Mike Crowe

Ground Vehicles sea systems thumbnailIf you are a supplier of components or sub-systems (Tier 2, 3, etc.) into the Global Defense Market, you understand the high standards this industry sets for your products.  Exceptional quality, continuous reliability and long-term sustainability are imperative in an industry where most of the equipment is designed to protect the end-user: The Warfighter.  Reliable product designs, solid quality systems and robust manufacturing processes are the obvious hallmarks of a valuable supplier in this market, but there’s more you should be doing.  It’s not good enough to meet quality, delivery, cost and performance goals.  Everyone involved in the value chain of your products Missles and Guided Munitions solutionshould understand that what they do has an impact on the Warfighter.  From Engineering to Sales, Manufacturing to Accounts Receivable, all the members of your team grasp the significance of how their work matters.  Painting a picture of how your products are used by your customers, how they add value for their customers and so on, until the technology ultimately ends up in the hands of the women and men who need it, really makes an impact on how your team members perceive their daily work.  It’s easy to lose perspective and see only the widgets you are building, the drawings you are creating or the invoices you are submitting, so it’s important to show what really matters.  In this market, you are not simply supplying parts or delivering financial results.  You are helping to make the world a safer place.  Please keep that in mind.

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