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Pre-wired cables, high-tech product

08 Feb 2019
Fabio Silvestrini

Until the start of the new millennium, it was customary practice to purchase drives, motors, and cables from different suppliers. The technology used at that time simplified the process of choosing the cables. Any installation technician was capable of choosing cables that satisfied the demands of the specific application and of using them in an appropriate way without causing any critical issues in the system.

Kollmorgen Pre-wired cables, high-tech productOver the past few years, the rise in the number of servo drives for applications has generated a market demand for drives that are increasingly small in size. This has led to the development of new kinds of technology, such as increasingly rapid transistors that minimize losses, and dimensions, of heat sinks, as well as connections with cables of a reduced diameter, and an increasingly pronounced move towards a drive-motor connection using a single composite cable.

In terms of the cable, this means higher transportation frequencies, and a lower receiving capacity that does not suit the reduced dimensions of the cable, and it means that the transmission of power and signals must co-exist in the same conductor.

Cables have increasingly become a technological product just like connectors. Choosing suitable cables for a data application requires wide but specific experience of the products to be connected such as drives and motors, and this knowledge may only be available to the company that designed them. The equipment and know-how necessary for producing high quality connections is not an easy task when you want to maintain the flexibility to find ad-hoc solutions for specific applications that often cannot be encoded in a “standard” product. This includes complying with the requirements of local regulations, which can change rapidly nowadays.

Connection cables are therefore no longer considered to be an accessory but a product in their own right that requires a level of competency similar to that of any other product. Only the company that designed the motors and drives is in a position to make the appropriate choices to offer its customers a high quality and flexible connection that can be tailored to their application requirements.

About the Author

Fabio Silvestrini

Fabio Silvestrini

Fabio Silvestrini has been Technology Manager at Kollmorgen Italy since 2000, when the Italian branch of the company was opened. He can be contacted at the following address: [email protected]

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