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How Many Years Does It Take to Move a Pinball Machine Inside?

20 Feb 2014
Emily Blanchard

The CrateIt sat outside for over a year, the very large wooden crate that looked like a step stool for a giant. The folks taking breaks occasionally would question what was in it. But at some point it just became the thing sitting out on the porch. Then one day we decided to open it, so off the back came...

A large pinball machine. Great- what do we do with that? Nothing. It sat there for another 6 months.

The Machine

Then we decided let's take it out and move it inside. (and when I say we, I mean I stood there and watched as Bob and mostly Gordon did the work...) Alas, the giant pinball machine was too big to get through the door. So the question is how many years DOES is take to get a pinball machine inside?

As it turns out- a full two years. That pinball machine sat on the porch for several more months. Couldn't play it- we could only look at it. Maintenance came by to look at it. They shook their heads and said you'll have to take it apart. Some employees that know pinball machines offered to buy it from us.

Finally, we made the decision to disassemble it. (and when I say we, I mean I stood there and watched- well, I held some screws I think.)

Finally InsideAfter some tough manual labor from a few KCS folks, the pinball machine was finally inside. Now we just needed to open the lock to get inside and label a few things. But we didn't have a key.

So I, yes I, learned how to pick a lock. Many people walked by and chuckled about "how do I get a job that involves such strange activity." Well after my successful attempts and moving a few of the keyhole pins- Gordon drilled out the lock. So as a member of the training department I'll take a minute to point out that there is a difference between knowing how and actually being able to pick a lock.

So now pinball machine is inside the lobby at KCS. It doesn't stay on because it's loud and annoys the folks who sit near it. However, we will happily turn it on for you and annoy those folks when you come to Kollmorgen's customer support building. Oh- and it puts on a show with some motors and drives, but who cares about that? It's Lord of the Rings pinball for Pete's sake!

Lord of the Rings


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Emily Blanchard

Emily Blanchard - Author

Emily, Senior Training Specialist, has over 17 years of experience with Kollmorgen. Starting as an inside sales associate and progressing through various roles in the company, Emily found her passion for training due to her joy for learning – absorbing the plethora of educational insight provided by Kollmorgen’s blend of technical, sales, and product teams. Emily earned a BA in communications from Virginia Tech and chose to earn a MSEd in adult education and training to enhance her training speciality.

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