Kollmorgen Packaging Labeling


There was a time when consumers didn’t pay much attention to slightly misprinted or misaligned labels. That time has long passed. Today, any problem with the package is seen as a defect in the product itself. Manufacturers spend a lot of effort – and potentially waste a lot of product – making sure that only perfectly labeled packages reach market. Any improvement to the labeling process that reduces that effort – and the potential for waste – directly affects the bottom line.

Keeping the production line moving

Labeling machines require precise positioning and torque, often at very high speeds. As products come down the line by the hundreds every minute, labels need to be applied accurately and with the right pressure to avoid smearing, peeling, tearing or product damage. Depending on the label material and adhesive, even a tiny variation in velocity or timing can cause errors that waste material and bring production to a halt.

Improving the production process

Better motion can do more than increase productivity and minimize scrap. Today’s most advanced labeling machines use direct drive servo motors and multi-axis controls to eliminate mechanical linkages, reducing floor space and maintenance requirements. Machines can also be designed in a modular fashion to accommodate a wide range of product requirements. And they can incorporate safety functions and intelligent features such as smart indexing, pushbutton changeover and more.

The Kollmorgen label means better motion

With the industry’s most advanced servo motors, drives and controls, Kollmorgen is the best choice for motion solutions that make a difference in machine productivity, versatility and profitability. Our direct drive technologies are leading the way in the conversion to electrical systems that are more compact, efficient and adaptable than their mechanical predecessors. And our unique co-engineering capabilities ensure the exact fit for your most demanding motion requirements.


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Kollmorgen Automation Suite

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ delivers a complete set of development tools and motion control components proven to speed development time and improve performance.

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AKD Servo Drives

AKD™ servo drives provide industry-leading power density, performance and precision in one of the most compact footprints available.

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AKM Servo Motors

AKM™ servo motors offer more than a million standard configurations, plus co-engineered modifications to meet any need.

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KBM Series Motors

KBM™ Series Motors eliminate the need for gears and transmission components to deliver the most precise motion possible.

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Cartridge Direct Drive Rotary (CDDR™)

Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR® motors combine the space-saving and performance advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor.

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