Motion Solutions for Material Forming

Scalable. Flexible. Efficient. Those are the top-level goals for your machine, but getting there depends on understanding what happens deep inside the application: Settle time. Natural frequency oscillation. Bode plots. Mechanical and electrical time constants. With over 70 years of experience in forming processes, Kollmorgen’s automation specialists deliver the motion control expertise you need to achieve top performance for your machine.

You may be looking to save energy and maintenance costs by converting from hydraulic/pneumatic forming equipment to a hybrid system or full electric servo – or you may be looking to create a next-generation material forming process from the ground up. Whatever your design goal, we will work with you directly to understand your motion requirements and configure a perfect-fit product.

Success Stories:


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Machine Tools

When fabricating parts for precision machines, your own machines need to operate with perfect precision. Discover the direct-drive difference.

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Cutting Machines

Create smoother cuts at higher speeds. Kollmorgen offers the products and expertise you need for high‐bandwidth servo motion.

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Press Brakes and Bending Stations

Electrically actuated motion delivers high force with improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Affordable stepper motors offer precise control for automated back-gauges.

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Pressing Forming and Forging

Increase energy-efficiency and product yield with dynamic direct-drive motion attuned to the requirements of each forming process on the production line.

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